ECO-Friendly Fabric 
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Protect the environment, Back to the nature !

LARK Green Huggers -- High Sustainable & High Performance fabric.

Recycled polyester / nylon --  made from cast-off  bottles, resulting in a carbon footprint that is 75 % lower than virgin polyester / nylon.

Biodegradable series -- Cycle 1 -- 85 % to landfill,   Cycle 2 -- 8% to landfill,   Cycle 3 -- 6% to landfill,  99% goes to landfill after 3 cycles.


Light Weight       Natural     Hybrid       PFC-free     Recyclable

The ocean touches you every day.  With every drop of water you drink, every breath you take.  You're connected to the sea.  No matter where on earth you live.                                                       - ----- Sylvia Earle