Fabric  I   Eco friendly  I     Technology 

For a better Future life , We are a solution provider !

What we think --------- Material Properties, Combination, and their influence of product performance , and its sustainable ! 

What we consider ---- Fiber blend ration, yarn structure, fabric density, fabric structure, and the interaction between skin !

A b o u t     u s    

LARK International Co., LTD, established in Taiwan, is a creative textile company that offers knitting and woven fabric according to the request of performance, specification, and colors. Carrying out research and development on advanced materials, we are aiming to combine our technologies with the customers to accelerate development and achieve more efficient result. We apply trend concepts to fabric for sportswear, yoga wear, protective clothing, and other special garment. Quality fabric, competitive price, refined details, and customer satisfaction are our persistence.

W h a t    w e    d o  

Partnership Built upon Trust

As long as our partners share their latest design, we make our best effort to deliver our experience & ideas to build long term relationship with our partners. Respect original ideas, Honesty and Earnetness are incorporated into our product value and philosophy in seeking business collaboration.

          Material Development

LARK implements the ideas through yarn selection /            innovation, and fabric construction . Based on market conditions, we keep developing advanced materials and technology of functional fibers / composite materials.

Concept --- Material / Product Development --- Manufacture --- Quality Control --- Delivery.

Textile Physical Propert

Via the prudent proof of third party, we makes sure our fabric quality : Component / Width / Length / Color fastness / Water Proof / Tear Strength/Breath / Flame retardant / PH value / AZO free.

Fabric produced in Oeko Tex / Blue Sign / GRS certificed line, we deliver products meeting consumer expectations along with global regulations, safety and quality standards.

We are committed to green innovation on textile