F a b r i c   +  T e c h n o l o g y

We are commintted to create innovative ideas, technologies on fabric.

Colors, Texture, Styles, Hand feeling, Function, Sustanibiltiy, and Innovation. LARK conveys sense of style: Aesthetic and Performance Enhancing.

Wicking / Absorbent 

Allow skin side to keep dry all the time. Achieve "Chill-Stop" function.

Moisture wicking --captures sweat and pulls it to the surface of the fabric so it can evaporate.  Fabric captures sweat and holds it in the fabric. Tiny gaps in the fibers trap the water and stop it from leaking into other layers of clothing, make the fabric drier.   

Anti bacterial / Anti odor

Unpleasant odors are the result of micro-organisms that feed on moisture, heat and humidity. With odor capture and antimicrobial protection, the fabric stay fresher for longer. And, it prevents the transmission of bacteria and inhibits agents growing on fabric

Antibacterial properties against Staphylococcus aureus (MSSA), Klebsiella pneumoniae, with wash durability. Anti bacterial iviral test methodology and viral strain:Tested with ATCC 100, ISO 17299-3 ,  ……etc.

4 way stretch

Good recovery, comfortable body movement.

Extremely flexible and typically provide stretch in both the warp and weft directions.

Ranging from novelty knits and weaving to tech fabrics, our materials offer a superb fit whether worn close to the body.

Cooling freeze 

Breathable material with good Moisture regain ,  with good CLO.  

Evaporate moisture away from the skin, enhance the evaporation cooling effect.  Stay cooling, comfortable ! 

Fleece / Sherpa

Soft ,Fresh, Eco friendly Fleece fabric based on Recycled, Stretchable skill.

Yarn dye level Odor Free technology

Customizied Fleece Pattern, co-developing..

Develop unique fleece fabric .

Eco friendly Series

Fabric made from recycled, bio-based, bio-degradable  materials to lower environmental impact and meanwhile  meet extique performance.     Cotton / Linen / Lyocell 

Recycled Polyester/ Recycled Nylon / Recycled Spandex.

Polypropylene based / Regenerated fish net / Bio degradable / Solution Dye .   Green process material .

Breathable Lamination

2L, 2.5L and 3L, eco friendly / high breathable membrane , which meet standard WP 30K/ MVP 30.  

Air Breathable/Water proof Heat laminated Fabric.moisture vapor transmission: hydrophilic and hydrophobic.  

Prevent the penetration or absorption from snow /rainning day.  Exhibits its water vapor permeability by allowing the water vapor from perspiration to evaporate the outside of the fabric.

Workwear Series :

Odor free / Durable / Fire Resistant

High strength, excellent resistance abrasion and excellent tear stretch, 

Stronger, more durable with greater tear resistance. It can be stitched without damaging the fiber and without reducing the recovery.   Provide high protection, comfortable value for workwear.

Light weight / UV protection

Yarn, texture construction design to reduce UV light pass through. Absorbs and blocks harmful UV radiation and remains protection against sun damage. Shield from harmful rays, - screen more than 97% UV above  protection. Safe and simple way for sun protection.

Thermal regulation

Our technology enhances textiles by providing the benefit of proactive temperature regulation that manages heat and moisture in textiles. Warmth when you feel cold and cooling when you feel hot.

The technology provides more comfortable solutions to everyday life.